It is expected that a large part of the Product Issuers and Product Manufactures for wrapped- and Multi Option products, will outsource their KID for PRIIPs production to Service Providers.

PRIIPsHub acts as a central backbone for the required information and documents also for Service Providers, servicing them on a neutral basis.

A service provider can consequently enter a partnership with PRIIPsHub and consume data and documents for the purpose of performing production activities or for providing documents and data on behalf of clients.

Gain free access to PRIIPs data from Product Issuers to help your clients produce their KIDs

Your Centralized Data Source for PRIIPs
PRIIPsHub offers PRIIPs service providers a central access point where they can retrieve data from the product issuers who make their PRIIPs data available within our data hub.

You can employ a number of service levels according to individual needs and requirements.

Free service level

  • Download data from PRIIPsHub Basic Members
  • On demand data exchange from Infrastructure Members of PRIIPsHub

Connectivity Fee service level

  • Enhanced services for the exchange of contributors' PRIIPs data
  • Enhanced services for notifications and customized deliveries