PRIIPs Manufacturers will experience a demand from the product distributors for the KID for PRIIPs, and as they will need to provide the document when a client buys the products.

Furthermore, PRIIPs Manufacturers selling wrapped and Multi Option Products (MOP), will need external data or UCITS KIID documents to be able to produce their KID for PRIIPs or meet other requirements. Therefore UCITS funds can also use PRIIPsHub to meet their distribution needs by making their PRIIPs data or UCITS KIIDs available to relevant parties.

MiFID II Target Market Data

Product issuers will also need to provide Target Market data to distributors. PRIIPsHub can also facilitate pan-European availability or customized distribution to all of your product distributors and facilitate the data reconciliation process with all of your distributors.

PRIIPsHub acts as a central depository and exchange mechanism allowing the Product Issuers to employ a single centralized backbone for publishing their documents or data and making them available in an efficient and cost effective manner for all of their key stakeholders.

Ensure That Your Investors Have Free Access to Your Data

PRIIPsHub allows you to centralize your data and make it freely available to any PRIIPs Manufacturer or Service Provider that needs it to produce KIDs or provide other services. Additionally product distributors can also gain access to your MiFID II Target Market data. You make one centralized delivery and the stakeholders who need your data can retrieve it on our centralized platform at no cost.

Basic Membership - Free

  • Deliver your data to the hub using standardized protocols
  • Allow any PRIIPs Manufacturer, Service Provider or product distributor to download or view your data free of charge.

Infrastructure Membership (annual license)

  • Free enhanced data exchange for Product Manufacturers on demand
  • Customized data population procedures or protocols