With the PRIIPs and MiFID II regulations coming into place, product distributors such as banks and other entities, providing advisory services are required to provide the KID for PRIIPs document to their clients and have MiFID II Target Market data on hand to meet the regulatory requirements.

For UCITS funds the current Key Investor Information Document, KIID, will apply until end of 2021 and they will therefore not be producing the KID for PRIIPs until this time.

PRIIPsHub acts as a central backbone for the required information and documents. PRIIPsHub facilitates a fully outsourced collection and storage service with audit trail of the required information.

Gain access to PRIIPs or MiFID II Target Market data from product issuers in industry standard formats - CPT, CEPT, EMT.

For more information about the templates, click here.

Your Centralized Data Source for PRIIPs Data, Documents & MiFID II Target Market data.
PRIIPsHub offers financial institutions (Data Consumers) a central access point where they can retrieve data from the product issuers who make their data and documents available within our data hub. Data Consumers can employ a number of service levels according to their individual needs.

Free service level

  • Download data from product issuers who are PRIIPsHub Basic Members
  • On demand data exchange from product issuers that are Infrastructure Members of PRIIPsHub

Connectivity Fee service level

  • Enhanced STP exchange services for the collection of Members’ data and documents
  • Enhanced services for PRIIPs and MiFID II Target Market data collection