As of the 1st of January 2018 a number of saving schemes will be obliged to comply with the regulation and will need data and/or documents for their KID for PRIIPs production.

PRIIPsHub acts as a central backbone for the required information and documents. PRIIPsHub facilitates a fully outsourced collection and storage service with audit trail of the required information.

Gain free access to PRIIPs data from product issuers in a structure compliant with the EWG template

Your Centralized Data Source for PRIIPs Data and Documents
PRIIPsHub offers PRIIPs Manufacturers a central access point where they can retrieve data from the product issuers who make their PRIIPs data available within our data hub. Manufacturers can employ a number of service levels according to their individual needs.

Free service level

  • Download data from PRIIPsHub Basic Members
  • On demand data exchange from Infrastructure Members of PRIIPsHub

Connectivity Fee service level

  • Enhanced STP exchange services for the collection of Members PRIIPs data
  • Enhanced services for notifications and customized deliveries