PRIIPsHub is an initiative by FundConnect, a European data infrastructure provider and innovator within fund information services.
For over 20 years, FundConnect has operated fund data infrastructure services for a wide variety of industry stakeholders including; national fund associations, fund infrastructures and financial institutions, which include the Danish, Italian, Norwegian and the UK fund associations, the Irish Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) in the context of the European Fund Classification (EFC).

The Company is partly owned by the asset management industry itself.

From the start it has been a key guiding principle that PRIIPsHub must operate in a neutral manner, allowing all stakeholders to utilize the utility data exchange services with an open architecture and to create a level playing field for all participants.

We are happy that Marc Bayot has accepted to take on the duty to develop and facilitate a governance structure that can monitor the development of the infrastructure and allow stakeholders to discuss and contribute with reflections and ideas to ensure a sucessful and logical framework for PRIIPsHub.

Marc Bayot serves and has served as independent director for numerous leading asset managers. Furthermore Marc Bayot is Honorary Chairman of EFAMA, (European Fund and Asset Management Association) and BEAMA, (Belgian Asset Management Association)