PRIIPsHub has completed one more step towards reaching the EMT Version 3 transition at the end of the year: the EMT Version 3 files are now available in our PRIIPsHub Portal. 

Portal users now are able to switch between EMT version 1 and version 3 tabs for all available ISINs and download the data in either versions. This feature will help both Asset Managers and Distributors during the transition period when Asset Managers are allowed to produce EMTs in V1, V3 or both, and recipients are required to accept both versions.

The PRIIPsHub Portal also offers access to UCITS KIIDs and PRIIPs KIDs documents.

The PRIIPsHub portal allows banks, distributors and fund of funds to gain free access to over 250 000 EMTs and UCITS/PRIIPs documents from almost 600 Asset Managers. If you wish to receive access to the portal you are welcome to contact us.