The Fund Data Ecosystem allows banks, distributors, fund of funds and insurance companies to gain free access to MiFID data (EMT), UCITS KIIDs and PRIIPs KIDs, as well as Holdings, NAVs and Static Data. The Fund Data Ecosystem uses a collective approach to ensure full data coverage, cost reduction and higher data quality. It has an expedient time-to-market for the sale of 3rd party products by having the necessary regulatory data available off-the-shelf.

PRIIPsHub, with distributors connected from all over Europe, has a long-standing experience with data collection and data distribution of EMT, EPT, KIIDs/KIDs. Its expertise within the PRIIPs and MiFID regulations are complemented by experience with ex-post Year-End EMTs, EMT Version 3, and ability to create special formats to suit different vendors and 3rd parties which do not use the industry standard across funds. PRIIPsHub handles ETFs, structured products and exchange derivatives. PRIIPsHub also fully supports the FinDatEx standardization initiatives.

Distributors, banks and fund of funds can receive free access to a range of data. Contact us for more information.