Anthony Miranti, PRIIPsHub's Head of Business Development, was happy to speak at SRP's Nordic Structured Products & Derivatives Conference on 27 September 2017.

Anthony was part of one of the panels, What Strategies Have Exchanges Adopted For The Furthering Of Structured Products, in which the following topics were discussed:

  • How will MiFID 2 listing rules affect the listing of structured products?
  • Providing a venue for the PRIIPs' Key Information Document.
  • How can technology facilitate regulatory changes and requirements?
  • Why aren't more products listed on exchange?
  • Will single and multi-dealer platforms ever disintermediate exchanges?
  • How to get better liquidity in secondary markets?

The conference provided an overall perspective on the state of play for structured markets, options and strategies for the future, as well as addressing the strategies for successfully implementing MiFID and PRIIPs, from a regulatory, technical and data perspective. Specific topics included a Global & Nordic market overview, where the focus was on the trends in product development, and how to create successful coordination between issuers and distributors.

The evening culminated with an Awards Dinner aimed at celebrating the industry's leaders.