We are happy to announce that PRIIPsHub has reached a key milestone, by receiving commitments from more than 100 distributors to use PRIIPsHub as their source of either KID for PRIIPs documents and/or PRIIPs and MiFID II Target Market data.

At the same time we see a strong interest from product issuers and service providers to work together with the utility infrastructure initiative, to facilitate their document and data exchange needs or to extend the value chain of their own document production services.

“We are very happy with the evolution. The challenge the industry is facing requires a strong cooperation from all stakeholders to succeed with the tight deadline of 1st of January set by the commission” says Carsten Mahler, CEO of PRIIPsHub. 

Contact Bianca Popa at [email protected] to learn how PRIIPsHub supports product manufacturers, service providers and distributors.